The 32nd Year

So…I’m 33.  

I began to think about this past year & all the new that has come with the 32nd year.  There’s been a lot.

In November, I ate my last Thanksgiving turkey, followed by a vow to go vegan.  As the year has progressed, I have found myself more & more committed to my vegan cause.  It began as a health crusade & has become more of a moral issue now.  Do I miss meat…NO!…but cheese is another story.  I have learned so much this past year about what goes into my body.  I feel so much better physically & mentally.  So this year…Tofurky.


Running…I ran my 1st 10K at the end of October which I followed with an insane year of running.  From last October to now, I  have run six 5K’s,  two 10K’s, a mini-marathon & just 3 days ago, I ran 16 miles just to test my limits.  Running has brought me new freedom & new friends…especially this past year. 


I have 2 new jobs that I started this past year.  With both jobs, I am able to do what I love & surround myself with awesome people.  I have new friends & new opportunities for the future.

So, to the 33rd year I say…Bring it on!!!  I have the best family & friends I could ask for.  Every year is better than the last.


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