Set Your Intention

So as the year draws to a close, we all make our resolutions…do something that will make 2013 different.  So far the only resolution I have made is to make the world smile.  I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do that, but I’ll just start with my family & go from there.

I’ve thought a lot about how people “resolve” to do things that usually don’t get done.  So here’s an alternative.  I recently read about recapitualtion.  You write down the good & bad from the past year.  Reflect on what you have done & how it has made you feel.  Set your intentions for the new year & burn what you wrote down.  It’s a thought, but I don’t really know that I want to think so much about what I did & didn’t do in the past year.

Here is my reflection…last year I set 2 physical goals for myself:

  1. Do a backbend…check!  Did it!  Felt great.
  2. Crow pose…not check!  Can’t stop falling on my head…not sure what the problem is, but in my efforts, I discovered something new & maybe even cooler that I could do…I can stand on my head.  Pow!! 


So, for 2013 where does this leave me?  I will only be realistic with myself in setting goals or making resolutions.  Here goes:

  1. I will keep working on crow pose…failure for 1 year does not mean I will quit.
  2. I will live consciously in all I do.  I will be me & be true to me.  This is not a selfish thing…the more I am genuine with myself, the better I will be for those I am close to.
  3. I will call myself a vegan.  I’ve been eating (almost) vegan for a month now.  Christmas cookies have some kind of hypnotic voo-doo over me so it’s not my fault.  It’s time to own it.  If I am not ok with telling people…”I’m a vegan”…then maybe I’m not ready for that commitment.  I AM ready!  I am a vegan.  (Slip-ups are ok.)
  4. I will continue to plan for the future.  I’ll get through that personal training book, pass the test & look toward new career options.

Ok…that’s enough for now.  I’ll still work to make the world smile, but all things take time.  Be realistic in your resolutions.  If your goal is for your health…do it!  The last 2 years have been the best ever for me…it is worth it.  Have a refreshing 2013.  Don’t forget to smile! 🙂


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