Adventures in Veganism

Today I got brave…tofu…I tried it for the very first time.  Was it what I expected?  I don’t know…it was different, but somehow familiar.  I figured if I’m going to do this vegan thing, I need to expand my horizons and try new things.  Some will be good & some will be bad.

So, I bought tofu about a week ago & decided it was time to go for it.  After searching Pinterest at great lengths, I decided to bread it & fry it in olive oil.  It helps that I just got some fantastic new garlic olive oil from Galena Garlic.  I was pleased with the result, but next time (that’s right, there will be a next time), I will season more.  Maybe dipping in some kind of sauce would be good. 


I shall continue to experiment & vow to be open to suggestions from more experienced vegans, or maybe just more experimental vegans. 

Happy eating & share your food ideas.


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