A Little Bit of Thanks

So, instead of taking time each day to tell you all why I’m thankful, I’m just going to give you 30 reasons all in one big grateful post.  So, in no particular order, here it is.

1. My Mind:  I have learned a lot in my 32 years & continue to learn more & more.  I have a college degree & a mind that continues to work for me.

2. My Health:  I am strong & healthy…not everyone can say that.  I am able to get up every day, and move & breathe freely.

3. Nattas:  I have been blessed with a child who has the kindest soul I’ve ever known.  He always has a kind word & a generous heart.  I’m not sure what I did to deserve him, but there is truly none like Nattas.

4. Kevin:  Not everyone is lucky enough to find a partner for life who can make them laugh, think deeply & feel lucky to have them every day.  I am one lucky girl to have a guy who does all of this and more for me.

5. My Mom:  She taught me how to be.  I learned to be strong and independent from watching her each and every day.  She never let on that times were tough.  She never let me believe anything was impossible.  She was always encouraging & still is.  To this day, she is one of the greatest women I have ever known.  Thank you Mom!

6. My Dad:  This one’s a toughie, but I am grateful for my dad.  He has always made it known that he loves me.  He has taught me that words are not always needed & sometimes being silent is just as powerful.  He may not have been a shining example of what a dad should be, but he is mine & for that, I am grateful.

7. Kora:  She may not be mine…but she kind of is.  Kora has taught me that it’s sometimes important to let the little things go & look at the big picture…what’s really important in life.  She gets me to do things I never thought I’d do, like play basketball & do rap battles. 🙂

8. Family:  I am so glad that I was able to grow up with a family that showed me it’s ok to be a bit disfunctional.  We’ve laughed, cried, yelled, fought & loved.  Family is family & I love my family…ALL of them.

9. Papaw:  He has always been the one to tell it like it is.  I’m not sure he can hold his tongue…& that’s just fine with me.  He has always loved & given.  Papaw has shown me that anyone can be successful with enough determination & effort.  With no more than an 8th grade education, he rose to the top to manage a factory.  I will always look to him as an example of what hard work really can get you in life.

10. Grandpa:  A kind & gentle spirit…always a smile & a hug…I love this man.  Grandpa has always been so pleasant & positive.  He would do anything for anyone.  Maybe that ‘s where Nattas get’s it.

11. Grandma:  Oh…I miss her so much.  I would give anything for one more day, just to tell her how much she means.  Yes, she made the best biscuits & fried chicken, but she also gave the best kind of love…the unconditional kind.  If I have to grow old, I would be proud to grow old just like her.

12. Mamaw:  Mamaw…mamaw…mamaw.  She could make me laugh, she could make me cry or do both at the same time.  She was the rock that held us all together.  Her heart ached when we hurt & rejoiced when we were happy.  She always had something funny to say even if she wasn’t trying.  I miss her every day. 

13. God:  Whether you are a believer or not, God is a hugely important part of MY life.  I feel lucky to live in a place & time where I get to make that choice & no one can tell me differently.

14. My Church:  I have not known a more generous bunch of people.  Anyone who walks into our church is welcomed & loved.  We may all be a little crazy, but that’s what makes us great.  

15. Friendship:  Friendships come and go, but it’s always nice to have someone to call a friend.

16. Laughter:  I don’t care why we laugh…it just feels good.  The saying that “laughter is the best medicine”  couldn’t be truer.

17. Dirt:  From dirt comes life.  What else can seem so lifeless yet give so much?  From it, we can grow our food, build a home, plant flowers, make mud pies…you get the idea.  Need convincing?  Check out the movie… http://www.thedirtmovie.org/

18. Food:  It is my fuel…it keeps me going.  Through food, I can heal myself & make myself stronger and more powerful.  What I choose to eat directly effects how I feel & how I am able to live.

19. My Body/Exercise:  For my legs that support me when I run…my arms that lift me up…my heart that keeps me going…my lungs that allow me to breathe deeply…& for that definition in my abs when I work really hard.  Hey, we’re all a little bit superficial. 

20. My Hands:  My hands give me the ability to make & do beautiful things.  I can create things with my hands.  I can help others with my hands.  The possibilities are endless.

21. My Home:  It may not be the greatest, but it provides me with the warmth & shelter I need.  In my home, I have the love of my family.  Together, we make it a great place to be.

22. Music:  All of it…makes me want to dance, cry, sing out loud, think, wonder & feel.  Music is a beautiful thing.

23. Art:  Through art, one can express who they truly are.  

24. Freedom:  This one is a biggie…Yes, the freedom that we have as American’s is a great thing, but I’m also talking about a different kind of freedom.  We have the freedom every day to choose who we will be.  I can wake up and choose to be a kind & giving person.  I can choose to be mean & hateful.  I choose each day what I will do & who I will be.  I am thankful that it is my choice to make.

25. Dogs:  First, for Wicket who taught me that it is possible to love a dog.  She started it all.  Then there was Emmett…he showed me love…honest, unconditional love when I needed it most.   Dobbs was the next to steal my heart.  He was my protector, my best friend.  He stayed by my side no matter what.  I never knew that it could hurt so bad to lose a pet, but he was no ordinary dog…he was a part of our family.  I love you my Dobbs!  And now there’s Grounder…he is mine, and I am his…his mommy that is.  He is the dog who seems to believe he is human.  He talks to us, hugs us, begs for us to play.  He’s just another one of the kids.

26. My Job:  It may not be exactly what I want to do, but I am grateful to have it.  I spend every day trying my hardest to teach children so that they may someday grow up to be well-educated adults.  They are the future & I’m lucky to have a part in that.

27. Chocolate:  “The divine drink, which builds up resistance & fights fatigue.  A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food.” – Emperor of Montezuma of the Aztecs   Enough said! 

28. Color in Life:  Imagine the world without color.  The blue sky, green grass, flowers in every color of the rainbow, rainbows, leaves in the fall, strong brown tree trunks…even rocks have beautiful colors.  The list goes on, but I love color.

29. Water:  A staple of life that we all take for granted…water keeps everything going.  Without water, life would cease to exist.  Besides all of that, it’s almost all I drink.

30. Wine:  Last but certainly not least…a glass of wine brings me back to reality, takes off the edge after a rough day & makes me a lot more fun to be around.

To all of you…find some small thing to be thankful for every day.  Sure, Thanksgiving is a great time to start, but give it a shot each and every day.  


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