The Uphill Climb

Some days are better than others when it comes to running.  I took the time today to push myself…all the while, thinking about what great metaphors coincide with running.  I ran at Clifty Falls today…up & down, up & down…and so on.  I began thinking to myself about how easy it is to run downhill, but if you want the ease of the downhill, you must be ready for the uphill climb that follows in running & in life.  How hard are you willing to push?  If you let yourself go downhill, at some point you will find yourself trying to get back to the top.   So, I came to the conclusion that the faster I go, the sooner I reach the top.  If I take my time, the climb is far more painful.  When you hit that dip in the road, or a valley in life…don’t crawl out of it…don’t straggle…just run hard & fast up that hill that follows.  The satisfaction of reaching the top is worth it.  Work for it, earn it & then take pride in what you’ve accomplished.


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